For Students

How to Get Involved

Each semester, the IDCL considers opportunities for undergraduate and MA-SLP students to join our lab’s team, either on a volunteer basis or through an independent study for course credit. To apply, download the application and email your completed form to Dr. Channell at We are no longer accepting applications for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Recent Student Projects

IDCL students presented their research at the 2023 UIUC Undergraduate Research Symposium.

(Left) Sarah Pechtl, Emma Mueller, and Ashley Yun presented their work on the relationship between levels of communication and features of autism in children with Down syndrome.

(Right) Madison Barrera, Alexa Mendoza, and Abigail Keasler presented data on caregiver education and expressive language development in children with Down syndrome.

IDCL students presented their independent research projects at the 2022 American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Convention in New Orleans, LA.

(Left) PhD student Beka Bosley presented her research on caregiver interactions with their children with Down syndrome.

(Right) Alumna Melissa Bruce presented her undergraduate thesis research on preschoolers’ mental state language use during narrative storytelling.

IDCL students presented their work at the 2022 UIUC Undergraduate Research Symposium.

2020 undergraduate students Allison Rush and Christiana Allen presenting their research virtually at the UIUC Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Former MA-SLP student, Addie Howe, presenting a poster about her research at the inaugural Purdue Autism Research Conference.